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It’s always been the core objective of GYANDUNIYA.COM to help the aspirants to fulfill their dream of getting into one of the TOP B Schools. Hence GYANDUNIYA.COM surveyed some of the TOP B Schools in the country on different criteria’s to help aspirants choose the right institution.

What is Survey?

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals and institutions. Surveys are commonly used in psychology research to collect self-report data from study participants. A survey focuses on factual information about individuals and institutions, or it might aim to collect the opinions of the survey takers.

To participate, an institution must offer programs at least on the associate degree level and be accredited by one of the following regional or national accrediting agencies recognized by the University Grants Commission.

GYANDUNIYA.COM surveyed some of the Top B Schools based on following criteria’s which are very crucial for both the institutions and to the students.

Faculty Quality

Your mentor and friend for two years are the institute's faculty members who help shape your views, and equip you with skill sets that are crucial for your career's future. This rank comprising of faculty members' industry experience, educational qualification, and international exposure of the faculty they would engage with.

Infrastructure Capital Of The Institution

Wi-Fi enabled campus, Gym, play ground, a good place to eat good food, parking area

Placements & Acceptability Of The Institution

This is the most important criteria and the first entry point for the student. A purposive amalgam of average and lowest packages, ROI and brand equity of the school, this index provides you an indicator of the value the school has in the eyes of all stakeholders.

Facilities+ Academic Assistance

An MBA also means an endless list of projects, group activities, field trips, and case analysis. A fully integrated residential campus and presence of senior research scholars helps a lot. This indicator captures the presence of both as well as the core faculty to student ratio in the campus

Curriculum & Content

Curricula or curriculum is the planned interaction of pupils with instructional content, materials, resources, and processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives.

Pedagogy & Recognition

A measure of the academic process, these rankings help you understand how robust the school's quality of teaching is. But beware, teaching is a very personal process, and no documentation can effectively capture the same. But the ranking does help to identify the good ones.


People crosswise over India think about a MBA degree from an IIM as a beyond any doubt shot ticket to an uncommon corporate profession. However the race to get into the IIM’s is extreme and detail of victory rates are against a large portion of these brilliant eyed applicants. The year 2012 saw give or take 2.14 lakh candidates fought it out to secure a desired spot around the 3500 seats in the 13 IIM’s. The chances are difficult to prevail over.

So would it say it is the close of the way for a MBA wannabe provided that they don't sack a seat into an IIM? No. This is the place we venture in. GyanDuniya is here to present the Firstrelease of the "What if not IIM’s" B-Schools Survey 2013, to keep tabs on assessing non-IIM B Schools in India. This novel perception helps MBA wannabes settle on an educated decision about the critical B-Schools which are giving the IIM’s a run for their Money. Completing an in-profundity scrutinize GyanDuniya has revealed a percentage of the ideally Indian B Schools and their evolutionary voyage to end up top business studying focuses inside a short compass of time. In spite of the fact that being generally new when contrasted with a large portion of the IIM’s , these new participant B-schools are making business people, innovators and corporate heroes second to none. Our goal is to highlight such foundations which are outfitting people to make fruitful professions for themselves.

Counting an exhaustive blue print explaining the thoughts regarding Business Schools in India the review will likewise encourage a solid rivalry around the schools to lure the most efficiently ability. The study additionally speaks to the perspectives of numerous eminent business guides who have moved on from non IIM B-Schools. The standing parameters incorporate position, Academic brilliance, Infrastructure, instruction, workforce, intelligent capital et cetera. We trust our exertion to make this exhaustive standing of B-Schools will help the scholar neighborhood to expand their viewpoints and handle chances past the IIM’s.

We trust this activity demonstrates to a useful one for you!

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